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Loc. Moerna,

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Built in the village of Moerna, the church of San Bartolomeo is mentioned for the first time in the fifteenth century, even though large and numerous building works followed one another over time. The building is located in the centre of the village and boasts simple and linear shapes that also make it the compact and stylish. The building has a single hall which was finally consecrated in the nineteenth century while the restoration was completed during the early years of the twentieth century. In terms of paintings, it houses a very valuable fresco of the Madonna and child with references to the Byzantine world, demonstrating the intense circulation of patterns and iconographic motifs from far away. Other frescoes are later be dated to 1947, the period during which the Trentino painters Colorio and Bertoldi assisted in decorating the church with their works (credits Arianna Florioli).

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