DOP Garda Oils

Among the DOP (Protected Denomination of Origin) recognitions issued by the European Community for the refined food products of Europe, we mention Garda’s oil with it’s ancient and well-established tradition: it is produced at the most northern latitude of the world thanks to the microclimate of Lake Garda which allows the avoidance of formation of olive parasites, since they need a higher temperature for their reproduction. It is a high-quality oil: light and fruity, rich in chlorophyll, savoury and harmonious. It balances and enhances salads, intensifies the flavours of meat and fish dishes and gives a touch of excellence to every quality fried food.

The organoleptic features of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda DOP are listed below:
• Colour: gold-green ranging from deep to strong shade due to the high level of chlorophyll
• Aroma: delicate, light fruity of different intensity with a touch of sweet almond

The Extra Virgin Olive Oil Garda DOP is periodically controlled by an expert committee that takes samples in the oil-producing farms and submit them to a rigorous analysis. The certification of the Garda DOP oil is carried out by CSQA, an Italian association appointed by the Ministry of Agricultural Policies.

Sensory analysis of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Garda Bresciano” DOP
Colour: from green to yellow
Aroma: light or medium fruity
Flavour: fruity, slightly bitter and spicy, almond aftertaste
Acidity: not more than 0.6 grams for 100 gr. of oil

Olfactory aromatic sensations of the Extra Virgin Olive Oil “Garda Bresciano” Dop:
Unripe – herbs like calamint, sage and rosemary – flowers – fresh leaf – almond – pine nut – apple – banana – vanilla – tomato – lettuce – artichoke.

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