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Via Benaco,
25010 Tremosine sul Garda

A real gem, nestled in the depths of the mountain, along the rift carved by the river Brasa. From the lake, seeing the houses of Pieve lined up on the edge of the plateau, about three hundred and fifty metres above the water, you might think that no road could ever reach them. For centuries the steep path linked the port to the capital, for centuries men have carried firewood, coal, oil, wheat on their shoulders. Then you had to plough through the wide expanse of the lake, to Desenzano, Torbole and Bardolino, before relying on boats and barges, and ferries which during the second decade of the nineteenth century also appeared on Lake Garda. Only in 1913, designed by Arturo Cozzaglio and on the initiative of Don Giacomo Zanini, the parish priest of Vesio, a road was built connecting the port with the lake. It is the Strada della Forra (The Street of the Gorge). A true jewel, nestled in the depths of the mountain, along the rift carved by the river Brasa. It's a must to follow it on foot, admiring the folds of rock like coils of a snake enveloping the infernal cave, while the narrow stream between its jaws growls in anger. The effigy of the Virgin Mary (known affectionately by the people of Tremosine as "Little Madonna") was brought in procession and placed in the Gorge by Don Michele Milesi. Proclaimed on 11 May 1960 by Mgr. G. Tredici "patron saint of Tremosine motorists". Every year in early May a solemn blessing is given to the vehicles in the area.

Where the wild horror of nature
As a star from the dark cave
As a friendly light radiates the way
The little Madonna sweet and pious.
A. CIPANI (poetry translated from Italian)

The street of the gorge is now in great demand as a film set, from the breath-taking car chase seen starring the most famous secret agent in the world, the legendary James Bond, to numerous television commercials for the European market of prestigious car manufacturers such as BMW and Mercedes;

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