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Situated in Prabione di Tignale, the Museum of the Alto Garda Bresciano Park offers visitors a range of interesting ways to explore the socio-cultural and environmental landscape that has characterised the lake area of the Brescia shore over time. Tourists visiting the museum can therefore learn about the changes that have occurred in the landscape as a result of natural events or human action. They can discover that, despite everything, biodiversity is still very present in the dialogue between the lakeside and mountain environment that characterises the landscape of Alto Garda. The museum is therefore organised by rooms and offers a range of thematic routes through which it explains the origin of the lake basin, the work and activities carried out by the inhabitants at the time of Venetian rule, the instruments and various working tools as well as the arrival of tourism at the end of the eighteenth century. In addition to these issues, the explanation is also accompanied by the exhibition of fossils and geological findings. The museum foundation’s intention is to convey the value of the environment and forests of Lake Garda, in particular, intended as both an ecosystem and as a resource. In this regard, it is the accurate reconstruction of environments and natural history collections through interactive panels, short movies, pictures, sounds, and specimens of living plants, with the aim of communicating the high aesthetic value that the forest and in general the natural landscapes of Garda have. (credits Arianna Florioli)

Open every day from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. - Closed on Friday;


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