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Churches at Tignale

Situated in the locality of Prabione, the unique church of San Zenone was built during the second half of the eighteenth century. It features externally a small porch composed of a series of white columns supporting a roof. The façade is then completed by some pilasters placed against the wall which frames a small window and profiles the contours of the building, while at the bottom the bell tower stands tall. The inside of the distinct hall houses the main altar dedicated to Saint Zenone, the patron saint of the church, while the side altars are named after Saint Carlo Borromeo, who visited many localities on the lakeside, and Mary Immaculate; both are valuable and precious works created by the Boscai school, well-known wood-carvers originating from Val Sabbia. Also of note is the organ of exquisite workmanship which is located near the baptismal font (credits Arianna Florioli).

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