Category: hiking
Difficulty: easy
Starting point:

Tignale, Piovere (461 above sea level)

End point:

Tignale, Piovere (461 above sea level)


200 m 461 m 6 km 3 h

Tignale, Piovere (461 above sea level)

On foot:

from Piovere di Tignale (417 m asl), take the main road to the old parish church where you can admire a wonderful panorama on the lake and the Monte Baldo. Continue the road below the village following the signs of the BVG (Bassa Via del Garda) and at the junction you go right along a flat stretch immersed in a landscape characterized by olive groves. Continuing in the same direction you cross a landslide that descends from the rocky ridge of Monte Rocchetta (913 m above sea level), beyond which the route rises slightly along the meadows and the small vineyards leading to the village of Muslone (461 m asl) hamlet of the municipality of Gargnano. After passing through the few streets that make up the small village, you will continue the journey already made, returning for a short distance, on your steps. Holding the Church of St. Matthew on the right, continue along the paved road going over the BVG until the first crossroad, where the path crosses and intersects the reported route no. 263 coming down between fenced fields. Coming on the old mule track connecting Piovere, you climb it up between the dry stone walls of containment of the terraced olive groves. Along this stretch the route offers a series of glimpses, beautiful sights and panoramic views of the lakeside and mountainous landscape dominated by the presence of the Monte Baldo. After about an hour of walking the itinerary ends and you reach the place of departure.


Not recommended on hot days

Of naturalistic/geological interest

Of historical/cultural interest


By car:

Piovere, hamlet of the municipality of Tignale, is reachable by the Gardesana Road (SS45bis). Possibility of parking near the sports ground or at the entrance of the village (p.le Chiara d'Assisi).

Public transport:

Piovere di Tignale is reachable by bus (www.arriva.it). From the bu stop to the village there is a 2km walk.

Safety tips:

Make sure you have the adequate gear and clothes for mountain trekking: a backpack (with drinking water, food, and clothes to protect you from the cold and the rain), trekking boots, long trousers, a pile jacket, a windproof raincoat, gloves and hat, even in case of fair weather.Check the weather forecast the day before your trip, as well as whether the path is open for trekking. During the excursion do not deviate from the signalled paths, and respect the environment. Take your waste back to the starting point, do not leave it along the path.The itineraries described here and the GPS tracks do not alert trekkers of possible dangers, nor indicate the only path available for excursions.

Emergency number: 112

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