Category: hiking
Difficulty: medium
Starting point: Chiesetta degli Alpini at Cima Rest (1210 m above sea level)
End point: Chiesetta degli Alpini at Cima Rest (1210 m above sea level)
Maps: “100 sentieri, 100 mondi” - Official map of trekking paths in Parco Alto Garda Bresciano.

700 m 1950 m 10,6 Km 4 h Chiesetta degli Alpini at Cima Rest (1210 m above sea level)
On foot:

The path begins few metres after Chiesetta degli Alpini (1210 m above sea level), along an asphalted road that unwinds on the fields heading north. This road goes uphill toward the meadows of Rest, and is characterised by the typical barns of Austrian-Hungarian origins, and by monumental century-old beech trees.

Once you go past Malga Alvezza (1265 m above sea level), continue until you reach a sharp turn. Forget about the indications to Bocca di Cablone and Monte Tombea (a longer trail can be done by MTB), and follow the path no. 66.

The mule road goes uphill through green fields, a wood made of fir and beech trees, with breathtaking views on Magasa and the fields of Denai. Waded a small river, walk on to the end of the wood, where you should follow a series of grassy hills and a rivulet joining an untarmacked road. Follow the path to the crossroads, turn left and walk past Malga Tombea (1820 m above sea level).

On the right an old defensive military mule road will take you in a few minutes on top of Monte Tombea (1950 m above sea level), an amazing panoramic spot ovelooking both Pianura Padana with lake Garda, and the highest peaks of Adamello and Dolomiti di Brenta mountain chains. Just walk back on the same path to return to the starting point.



Possible snowfall in winter

Of naturalistic/geological interest

Of historical/cultural interest


Also recommended by bike

By car:

The meadows of Rest can be reached from Gargnano (deviation for Magasa along Strada Statale 45 bis Gardesana Occidentale), but also from Idro (deviation for Capovalle along Strada Statale 237). Parking available nearby Chiesetta degli Alpini or at Rifugio Rest.

Public transport:

Bus service available reaching Magasa (www.arriva.it), about 40 minutes on foot from Chiesetta degli Alpini at Cima Rest.

Safety tips:

Make sure you take with you all the necessary equipment and clothes excursions according to the season. Check the weather forecast the day before you trip and verify that the track is open on the day you choose. During the excursion respect the highway code and the environment, do not leave your waste along the path.The itineraries described here and the GPS tracks do not alert bikers of possible dangers, nor indicate the only path available for excursions. 

Emergency number: 112

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