Category: mountain bike excursion
Difficulty: medium
Starting point: Turano in Valvestino, Piazza Madonna Pellegrina
End point: Turano in Valvestino, Piazza Madonna Pellegrina
Maps: “100 sentieri, 100 mondi” - Official map of trekking paths in Parco Alto Garda Bresciano.

650 m 1050 m 16,5 Km 3,5 h Turano in Valvestino, Piazza Madonna Pellegrina
By bike:

From Piazza Madonna Pellegrina (0,0 km), in the centre of Turano (680m above sea level), after paying a visit to the parish church where you will enjoy a beautiful view of the valley, cycle down the provincial road to the crossroad for Armo (0,6 km), then ride on the steep road on the left. After a few hairpin bends (3,7 km), you will reach the small village of Armo (850 m above sea level). Its narrow streets will lead you to an ancient fountain and a church on the other side of the village, where the asphalted road turns into an untarmacked road. The trail continues along the valley of Armarolo stream, where on the first part you will reach the riverbed (760m above sea level), then cycling uphill you may enjoy the splendid water sprites designed by nature through erosion over the millennia. Once in Ponte Franato village (7,0 km), beyond the bridge, cycle uphill on the road that covers the western side of the valley, until you reach the highest point of the excursion path (1100m above sea level) close by a clearing called Messane (9,5 km). Here the view covers the mounts surrounding Valvestino area. At the crossroads, where the road is asphalted, follow the indications to the village of Persone. Cycling downhill, you will reach the small borough perched on the bend of the main road going to Turano. Through Persone (11,7 km) cycling uphill this time on an asphalted road, you will reach Moerna (14,0 km). Beyond this village, on the left of the provincial road there is the ancient road from Turano to Moerna (14,5 km) of which only a rough terrain remains, going through the wood and clearings. In 2 km you will reach once again the main square of Turano (16,5 km).


The excursion can be done throughout the year, some parts are on untarmacked road.
By car:
Turano in Valvestino can be reached by car via Gargnano or lake Idro. Parking available on the road reaching the village centre.
Public transport:

a bus service reaches Turano (www.arriva.it). Check that your bicycle can be transported on the bus you choose.

Safety tips:

Make sure you take with you all the necessary equipment and clothes for bicycle excursions according to the season. Check the weather forecast the day before you trip and verify that the track is open on the day you choose. During the excursion respect the highway code and the environment, do not leave your waste along the path.The itineraries described here and the GPS tracks do not alert bikers of possible dangers, nor indicate the only path available for excursions.

Emergency number: 112

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