Gardone Riviera

Category: hiking
Difficulty: medium
Starting point: parking at il Pirello village (1030 m above sea level)
End point: parking at il Pirello village (1030 m above sea level)
Maps: “100 sentieri, 100 mondi” - Official map of trekking paths in Parco Alto Garda Bresciano.

550 m 1581 m 12 Km 4 h parking at il Pirello village (1030 m above sea level)
On foot:

leave from the village il Pirello (1030 m above sea level), going uphill on the asphalted road with the signs to path no. 8 headed to Rifugio Pirlo. After a steep beginning, the path continues on a relatively delicate slope. After a clearing, it enters the wood on a plain trail and, through delicate ups and downs, will take you to Passo di Spino (1160 m above sea level) between Monte Spino to the North-West and Monte Pizzocolo to the South-East. You will also see some buildings and the crossroads to Rifugio Pirlo on your left. At Passo di Spino, following the old military road going uphill on the right among large beech trees, after some hairpin bends you will reach Dosso delle Prade (1352 m above sea level). From here continue northwise along a narrow military road offering a series of views on the lake. After a few curves the lake reappears, then the path continues among large beech trees. Beyond the itinerary that reaches Sarnico, no. 11, you can carry on the last section of the trail through to Bivacco Due Aceri, always open but not guarded, which takes its name from the presence of two old maple trees close by the building, which is a restored version of an old Great War location. From here you reach the top of Monte Pizzocolo (1581 m above sea level) from which you can enjoy beautiful views of Monte Baldo, Garda, Valvestino, Prealpi Bresciane and, on sunny days, also the Apennines. Close by the top there is also the church dedicated to the victims of war. Following the same itinerary you will reach the starting point.


the excursion can be done throughout the year, also by mountain bike (MTB) starting from San Michele in Colomber village (405 m above sea level), though a good physical shape and experience are needed to conclude the trip. It is possible to leave on foot from Colomber: in this case you should count an hour and a half more on departure, and an hour on your way back. To reach il Pirello village, get to San Michele then to Colomber. Here, close by an old wash house, keep your right and follow the indications to Rifugio Pirlo.
By car:
San Michele can be reached from Salò and Gargnano. Parking areas available in Colomber (405 m above sea level) and in il Pirello (1030 m above sea level), but to reach the latter you must follow an untarmacked road, at times particularly rough, for about 5 km. Don't forget: safety first.
Public transport:

San Michele can be reached by bus (www.arriva.it), the other villages are not served by public transport lines.

Safety tips: Make sure you have the adequate gear and clothes for mountain trekking: a backpack (with drinking water, food, and clothes to protect you from the cold and the rain), trekking boots, long trousers, a pile jacket, a windproof raincoat, gloves and hat, even in case of fair weather. Check the weather forecast the day before your trip, as well as whether the path is open for trekking. During the excursion do not deviate from the signalled paths, and respect the environment. Take your waste back to the starting point, do not leave it along the path. The itineraries described here and the GPS tracks do not alert trekkers of possible dangers, nor indicate the only path available for excursions.

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