Toscolano Maderno

Category: hiking
Difficulty: easy
Starting point:

Toscolano Maderno, Bornico, 100 m above sea leavel

End point:

Toscolano Maderno, Bornico, 100 m above sea leavel


350 m 360 m 6,7 km 3 h

Toscolano Maderno, Bornico, 100 m above sea leavel

On foot:

from the parking place of the Bornico Cemetery (100 m asl) it follows for a few meters up the paved road to Fasano until, on the right, you take Via Bezzuglio that among terraced olive groves leads to the homonymous village (206 m asl). Here an old washhouse with a fountain appears immediately, an then you discover all the beauty of the small hamlet, continuing between stone walls, old arches in support of the embankments, lemon and stone houses. Following the muletrack indicated with BVG (Bassa Via del Garda) to Pezzuglio (287 m asl) and Magnico (333 m asl), in a rural setting planted with vegetable gardens, orchards and olive groves, you arrive at the foot of Monte Pizzocolo. After a bend and a short climb, leave the indications of the BVG and take the path n. 26, which first goes down to Vigole (301 m asl) and then, after crossing twice the paved road, arrives in Maclino (220 m asl). After crossing the small inhabited at a “santella”, continue downhill along the path n. 24 heading south to get into the humble and damp Bornico Valley, touched by the stream with the same name, until you reach the point of departure. 


Not recommended on hot days 

Of naturalistic/geological interest 


By car:

Bornico is located along the SS45Bis between Gardone Riviera and Toscolano Maderno. Parking facilities at the Cemetery.

Public transport:

Bornico can be reached by bus (www.arriva.it).

Safety tips:

Make sure you have the adequate gear and clothes for mountain trekking: a backpack (with drinking water, food, and clothes to protect you from the cold and the rain), trekking boots, long trousers, a pile jacket, a windproof raincoat, gloves and hat, even in case of fair weather.Check the weather forecast the day before your trip, as well as whether the path is open for trekking. During the excursion do not deviate from the signalled paths, and respect the environment. Take your waste back to the starting point, do not leave it along the path.The itineraries described here and the GPS tracks do not alert trekkers of possible dangers, nor indicate the only path available for excursions.

Emergency number: 112

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