Toscolano Maderno

Category: hiking
Difficulty: easy
Starting point:

Bridge on Toscolano stream from SS 45 bis (72 m above sea level)

End point:

Bridge on Toscolano stream from SS 45 bis (72 m above sea level)

Maps: “100 sentieri, 100 mondi” - Official map of trekking paths in Parco Alto Garda Bresciano.

190 m 200 m 5,8 Km 2,5 h

Bridge on Toscolano stream from SS 45 bis (72 m above sea level)

On foot:

Valle delle Cartiere is one of the most important sites of industrial archaeology in the north of Italy, settled in a breathtaking natural spot. 

The valley is accessible from Strada Statale 45 bis, close by the ancient bridge on Toscolano stream (72 m above sea level), following the signs. Once you access the narrow valley you will see the remains of paper mills and the geometrical designs of geological formations, before going through the short but suggestive ancient galleries.

Beyond the parking area there is the Paper Museum (Maina Inferiore village), then the bridge of Maina Superiore village, and Villa Maffizzoli. Continue along path no. 19, go past other paper mills, over the bridge of Vigo until you reach Luseti village (120 m above sea level). There, after crossing another bridge, you will find a comfortable picnic area close by a stable Scout camping site, and a small church in the wood. 

Going back on the path you came from, forget about the alternative paths signalled on the left to Gaino village and reach Villa Maffizzoli where you will find path no. 18 to Sanico on the western slope of the valley. The path in this spot goes uphill, and after you reach a large private house and an old water stone basin there is a characteristic Calchera next to a crossroads with four paths (200 m above sea level). Here you can follow the untarmacked path going slightly downhill to Toscolano Maderno and walk through a large field on the left with a panoramic view on the whole Valle delle Cartiere, until you reach the asphalted road coming in from Sanico. Following this road downhill will take you back to the starting point.



The itinerary is not difficult and the excursion can be done throughout the year. The itinerary is open to trekkers and cyclists on mountain bike (MTB). Along the path there is the Paper Museum open to visitors.

By car:
Toscolano Maderno can be easily reached from Salò or Riva del Garda from Strada Statale 45 bis Gardesana Occidentale. Parkings available in Toscolano Maderno or right after the crossroads heading to Valle delle Cartiere.
Public transport:

Bus service available from Brescia and also Riva del Garda. (www.arriva.it). Ferry boat service available from the main ports on lake Garda (www.navigazionelaghi.it).

Safety tips: Make sure you have the adequate gear and clothes for mountain trekking: a backpack (with drinking water, food, and clothes to protect you from the cold and the rain), trekking boots, long trousers, a pile jacket, a windproof raincoat, gloves and hat, even in case of fair weather. Check the weather forecast the day before your trip, as well as whether the path is open for trekking. During the excursion do not deviate from the signalled paths, and respect the environment. Take your waste back to the starting point, do not leave it along the path. The itineraries described here and the GPS tracks do not alert trekkers of possible dangers, nor indicate the only path available for excursions.

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