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Thanks to the finding of some villages of lake-dwellings it has been possible to ascertain that the area was already inhabited in the Bronze Age. The area was also settled by the Romans and saw the devastating passage of the Hungarian people. The Bishop of Verona took possession of Soiano in the medieval era, while Mastino della Scala became its Lord in 1330, until he was replaced by Giovanni di Boemia. The Franciscan monks constructed the convent of San Rocco in the 14th century on the road which joins Soiano to Padenghe. During the modification of the statutes in the 15th century, Soiano obtained 68 days holiday in addition to the usual Sundays. At the beginning of the 18th century, during the war of Spanish succession, Soiano was not spared the passage of armed troops, who brought with them episodes of violence and abuse of the population. Before obtaining autonomy in 1947, the town was first attached to Polpenazze from 1810 to 1825 and then made a part of the commune of Padenghe, together with Moniga, in 1928.




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