Specialista in Omotossicologia

Via Lungolago G.Marconi, 19 - Limone d/G

cell. +39 335.5750375


Hello Everyone!

My name is Sara Cavazza, I'm 37 years old, have a beautiful daughter and a rich life always surrounded by animals.

My love for animals began when I was a child in nursery school and with this love came the desire to become a veterinary surgeon when I grew up.

I studied with Professor Massimo Castagnaro in Padua University and subsequently graduated from there 28th October 2005 with a thesis entitled “Analysis using RT - PCR REAL -TIME which related to the genes involved with the development of feline mammary glands”.

I completed various training periods and worked in the veterinary clinics of Dr. Domenico Multari in Villorba di Treviso, the St. Antonio clinic in Salò (BS) with which I am still collaborating, the Breno Veterinary Clinic in Breno (BS), the clinic of  Dr. Fabio Gnali in Brescia and also for the veterinary clinic of Dr. Aldo Vezzoni in Cremona.

Following my graduation I studied various branches of medicine:

-    2nd didactic itinerary of surgery (2009 – 2011  SCIVAC - Cremona)

-    Course of dermatology (2011 – 2012  St. Antonio Clinic in Salò Brescia)

-    Formative course in veterinary homotoxicology (2011 – 2012  A.M.I.O.T  - Milan)

-    Formative course in internal medicine (2015 - 2017   St. Antonio Clinic in Salò Brescia )

From 2012 to 2015 I attended a formative plurennial course in homoeopathy, homotoxicology and integrated disciplines (A.M.I.O.T in Milan) and I qualified 6 th June 2015 with Professor Leonello Milani presenting a thesis on the utilization of the medical device HIP on a Labrador Retriever affected by unilateral hip arthrosis.

From April 2010 to February 2016 I worked in the veterinary clinic in Voltino di Tremosine (BS).

In April 2015 I was requested by the Tignale Council of Brescia to open a veterinary clinic in the Prabione locality which is currently open two days a month.

From 15th March 2016 I will be operative at the veterinary clinic of Dr. Sara Cavazza in via Lungolago G. Marconi,19 Limone sul Garda (BS).

My hobbies include:   Music, theatre, cinema, the opera and art. I love both sea and mountains and I appreciate good food and good red wine.

Projuects for the future:     I wish to continue this venture towards alternative medicine and widen my knowledge with ulterior arguments such as homoeopathy, acupuncture, Bach flowers, Australiane flowers and mushrooms utilized for a therapeutic aim.