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Churches at Sirmione

Via Santa Maria Maggiore , 17,

Santa Maria Maggiore, also known as Saint Mary of the snow, is the parish church of Sirmione. The building rests on the northern flank of the medieval fortification walls that enclose the village to the north. It was built in the late fifteenth century, as shown by the bright votive frescoes which cover the walls and date back to the early sixteenth century. The interior has a single nave with five altars. It is reached by a five-arched portico, once part of the cemetery adjacent to the church. On the floor, five graves, are in fact visible. Often, in the past, the oldest materials were re-used for new construction. As we can see here are two examples. The final column of the porch, to the left of the entrance, is in fact a landmark dedicated to the emperor Julian the Apostate, who lived in the fourth century after Christ. In the churchyard, there is also a memorial stone dedicated to Jove and used as collection box.

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