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Churches at Sirmione

The church of San Pietro in Mavinas (from the Latin "in summas vineas", among the highest vineyards) dates from the eighth century, while its bell tower is later, built between the eleventh and twelfth centuries. From the same period also belong the frescoes of the three apses, while those along the walls were produced in 1320, when the church was partially rebuilt and elevated. Also in the mid-nineteenth century, due to its out of the way location, it was inhabited by a hermit. The surrounding area, formerly used as a cemetery, was arranged in the nineteenth century. Since 1955 in the churchyard the bell, the "Julia" recalls with its sonorous tolling the fallen of the two world wars. Beyond the church, going along via San Pietro in Mavinas, you will reach the western side of the peninsula. At bottom of the hill, turn left and you will arrive, after a few hundred metres, at the "Catullo" thermal baths.

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