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Churches at Salò

Built on the site where there was once a monastery dedicated to the Visitation of the Virgin Mary to her cousin Elizabeth, and of which no trace remains, the church as we now see it, was completed in the eighteenth century and solemnly consecrated in 1715. Externally, the façade, which was rebuilt in the nineteenth century with a design by Antonio Turrini, is characterised by pairs of pilasters that frame the windows on both floors, by a door with a lunette, by the string course and by a triangular pediment on the top. It has a number of statues, in compliance with the standards of the time, depicting Santi Francesco di Sales, Agostino, Giovanna di Chantal and Margherita Maria Alacoque. The interior of a single nave, follows the sinuous forms, the decorative elements and architectural choices, the mature baroque style and aware that even in the lakeside area it led to amazing results. It has three noteworthy altars: the main one contains the great altarpiece of the Visitation, by the artist Giovanni Antonio Cappello, framed by a complex marble cornice that enhances its importance and magnificence; the left one contains an altar whose subject is San Giuseppe with the baby, while on the right there is a work with San Francesco di Sales, produced by Giuliano Crespi. Also note the statues near the high altar depicting Charity and Religion, by the hand of Caliari. (credits Arianna Florioli)

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