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Churches at Salò

According to the tradition in Renzano, locality of Salò, the Virgin appeared to a group of shepherds who had invoked her following a sudden flood of the river, that, usually dry, dangerously increased after heavy rain. In everlasting memory of the event, during the eighteenth century, a sanctuary was therefore constructed which is accessed through an enclosed porch, where the votive offerings were once placed, with the shape of a temple, that presents on the pediment murals paintings such as the Madonna surrounded by little angels. The interior is a single room with barrel vault that has a honeycomb style decoration with the exception of the apsidal area. Prior to its transfer into the sixteenth century hall in the refectory of the cathedral in Salò, the small church also housed a painting by Martino Martinazzoli da Anfo dating from the sixteenth century whose subject is the Virgin Mary with baby Jesus. (credits Arianna Florioli)

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