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Lungolago Zanardelli - Piazza Duomo,
25087 Salò


Opening hours: 

Daily 9-12 am / 3.30-7 pm

Dedicated to Santa Maria Annunziata, it represents one of the most important architectural works of the city. It was built starting in 1453 and consecrated in 1502. Inside it contains paintings by Romanino (1484-1566), by Moretto (1498-1564), by Zenon Veronese (1484-1553), by Palma il Giovane (1548 / 1550- 1628), by Andrea Celesti (1637-1712) and the Polyptych by Paolo Veneziano (1300-1362). Antonio Vassilacchi, known as the Aliense, painted several frescoes there. Also of note is the pipe organ present from the fifteenth century, which bears the imprimatur of first-rate organ builders such as the Antegnati and the Serassi. Designed by Filippo delle Vacche in late Gothic style, the first stone of the current Church was placed on October 7, 1453, was never completed, the facade, in fact, still remains incomplete. However, since 1509, seven years after the consecration, it was embellished by the marble portal of the Tamagnino. It stands in the center of the city, on the site that once housed a pagan temple and, later, the Parish Church of Santa Maria. Inside is the chapel of the SS. Sacramento, with decorations by Giovan Battista Trotti, called il Malosso. In July, in the square in front of the Duomo, concerts of classical music of the musical summer are held.

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