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Churches at Puegnago del Garda

Puegnago del Garda,
25080 Palude

Here the Blessed Don Giuseppe Baldo celebrates His first Mass in the native country and here he usually retires in prayer. Closed between the surrounding houses, it opens onto the village square with a beautiful white stone portal of Botticino. The interior space is dominated by a golden frame of great value due to its refined polychrome and the ability to carve, attributed to the famous shop of the Bosca√¨ family of Levrange. Consecrated priest on August 15, 1865, he holds for 30 years the parish of Ronco all'Adige where he dedicates his life to important religious initiatives, such as the foundation of the Little Daughters of St. Joseph, and social charity, fruit of a meticulous, observant methodological formation. and creative. Careful priest to the signs of the times, deep her "Society Worker of Mutual Help", for which officially compiles an approved statute March 18 th 1886 from the Cardinal of Canossa.

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