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Churches at Padenghe sul Garda

Walking along a path flanked by cypresses, along the road that connects Padenghe with Soiano, we arrive at the Church of Beata Vergine della Torricella. This church arose, according to the tradition, after the Virgin Mary appeared to a young mute girl who was grazing the geese. As a result of the vision occurred on 16 May 1527, she regained the use of speech. Another legend says instead that the appearance of the Virgin has affected a young man, son of Master Mattia Vagolino. Regardless of which is the correct version, groups of faithful people, despite the initial opposition of the bishop of Verona, decided to build a memorial chapel which later underwent several extensions. Inside, the church is composed of a single nave, which would undergo subsequent expansions, and the presbytery, which also contains the altar, is surrounded by a great scenic construction which acts as a frame for the most sacred area of the building. The decoration is simple, plain, yet elegant. The church therefore, thanks to the little light that gets inside, persuades the faithful to meditate and pray. Externally, it appears characterised by a gabled façade with a rose window in the centre. On the other hand, the three-arched portico, was added in the seventeenth century; it consists of four white marble columns on plinths supporting round arches, while the inner cover is made up of cross vaults. In addition, as a result of the Edict of Saint Claude requested by Napoleon in 1812 that prohibited the burial of the dead in the centre of the town, the Padenghe cemetery was moved next to the church of the Virgin of Torricella. Towards the latter rises the belfry, which has a slight inclination to the north and has a richly decorated cell with a variety of mouldings. (credits Arianna Florioli)

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