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Churches at Montichiari

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Built on the homonym hill, the Parish of St. Pancrazio of Montichiari is one of the monuments in Romanesque style among the best preserved of the Lombardy. The church, documented by the beginning of the XII century, introduces a longitudinal plant divided in three spacious aisles ritmate from cruciform pillars and columns, of which some embellished by capitals paleocristiani. The bulwarks, entirely you realize with stone of Botticino, introduces episodes of I reemploy of datable enrolled or figured stones to the Roman epoch of the The-III century d.C. Her historical stratifications are also warned in the pictorial decoration that introduces numerous frescos dedicate datable from the XIV to the XVI century, among which the "St. Pancrazio to horse" of Girolamo Romanino (1520 around) and her "Sacred Conversation" of Callisto Piazza (1524

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