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Dwellings at Limone sul Garda

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Villa Boghi, now the town hall of Limone, was once a private residence, which owes its name to the owner, Antonio Boghi who acquired the property from the father in law at the beginning of the twentieth century. The villa, like most of the aristocratic palaces in the area, became home to the offices of the Social Republic of Salò, and before that was home to the German High Command. The villa anyway, which was built in the early twentieth century designed by the engineer Giovanni Bonaventura Gerardi features a rectangular plan, it is composed of several floors and many spacious rooms. Outside, it features a small porch on two levels overlooking the entrance and it has two balconies. There are many windows that provide constant lighting to the interior rooms. The value of the villa is definitely enhanced by the particular position it enjoys. In fact, it is surrounded by a beautiful garden with many species of plants; nearby and there is also the lemon house, a valuable record of a past civilization dedicated to the cultivation of citrus fruits. Although not the oldest in the country, the lemon house at Villa Boghi has seven plots set out to the south, it provides a clear example of how the cultivation of citrus fruits was carried out overlooking this unique and picturesque view of the lake. The park surrounding the villa is also home, to the north, to the bust of Saint Daniele Comboni, who was born in Limone (credits Arianna Florioli).

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