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Museums at Limone sul Garda

Via IV Novembre, 25 (parco Villa Boghi),
25010 Limone sul Garda

Telefono: 0365.918987



Open to the public every day from April to October, from 10 a.m. to 10 p.m. 
For other months info and telephone bookings to be made during office hours.

e-mail: info@visitlimonesulgarda.com

The local council of Limone sul Garda decided to open the Fishing Museum in order to remind us of the history of the town’s old trades, crafts and traditions. Limone sul Garda used to be a small village very much based on a simple rural economy of olive growing and fishing. In the 1700s it turned its attention to the construction on the lemon groves and the cultivation of citrus fruits. Thanks to many favourable conditions, the hard work of its inhabitants and the devotion of the council, Limone sul Garda has become one of the most important tourist locations on Lake Garda and is now known throughout all of Europe. The Fishing Museum is located inside the Communal Park (ex Villa Boghi), adjacent to the Lemon Grove (which was completed in 2004 by the local council). Here guests can discover the ancient rural traditions and appreciate the development and economic transformation of this former fishing village. The Fishing Museum holds a collection of objects, photos and various materials connected to the traditional trades of the lake. All of this has been generously donated by former fishing families and from the fisherman who belong to the association who have in some way actively contributed to the production of the museum which reminds us of a very important part of Limone sul Garda’s history.

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