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Points of interest on Lake Garda.


Valtenesi wineries

Doc Valtènesi, which corresponds mostly with the area of the Brescia shore of Lake Garda, is a region where vine-growing has very ancient origins. Thanks to this well-established tradition, in 1967 the territory obtained the Doc “Garda Bresciano” label which was subsequently added to Doc Garda. Moreover, in 1996 the area was awarded with the Classico denomination which – as is known – is given only to wines with an old-standing and deeply rooted tradition. The Consortium Valtènesi represents the best local wine-making companies.

Consorzio Valtènesi DOC
Villa Galnica - Piazza Beato Don Giuseppe Baldo - Puegnago del Garda (BS)
Tel 0365.555060.

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