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Points of interest on Lake Garda.


Dairy Farms

The Consortium for the Grana Padano Cheese Safeguard (Consorzio per la Tutela del Formaggio Grana Padano), whose members are both producers and maturers, was founded in 1954 with the aims of safeguarding and promoting Grana Padano DOP and its denomination in Italy and abroad. It also controls the production and marketing of this product to check the correct use of the Grana Padano DOP denomination. This non-profit Consortium is located in Desenzano del Garda (BS) and, given its proximity to Lake Garda, it has a particularly strategic location with respect to the production area which extends across the entire Po Plain, from Piedmont to Veneto, up to the province of Trento in the Northeast and to some areas of Emilia Romagna in the South. The recipe of Grana Padano goes back thousands of years and follows specific production regulations. This hard and finely granular cheese with a fragrant aroma and a soft, never spicy flavour has three different types of aging: Grana Padano DOP from 9 to 16 months, Grana Padano over 16 months and Grana Padano Riserva over 20 months. Grana Padano is the most sold and consumed DOP cheese in the world. Grana Padano is a complete food which is good for the health and wellbeing of children, teenagers, pregnant women, sportsmen and elderly people. It is rich in noble proteins, vitamins and mineral salts, but more importantly it is full of calcium.

Consorzio Tutela Grana Padano
Via XXIV Giugno, 8 - San Martino della Battaglia - Desenzano del Garda (BS)
Tel. +39.030.9109811 - Fax +39.030.9910487

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