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Churches at Gargnano

About two kilometers north of Gargnano, at the beginning of the old road to Tignale, stands the church of San Giacomo di Calino, better known as San Giacom de Calì. This building consists of a Romanesque chapel (12th century) of considerable artistic interest, with frescoes dating from the 13th to the 14th century. On the outside of the south wall it is clearly visible the fresco of St. Christopher with the Child on the shoulders (XIII century), a man's size, because it had to be seen from a distance: according to tradition, passers-by who looked up on the image of the saint, for that day they would not have been seized by sudden death. The altar is dedicated to San Giacomo Maggiore, of which the wooden statue dated 1501 is conserved. The present door dates back to the XVI century, as well as the two square windows, opened by San Carlo Borromeo on the occasion of his Apostolic Visit in the month of August 1580. In the same period the stuccoes that decorate San Giacomo Maggiore were also made.

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