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Churches at Gargnano

Belonging to the seventeenth century, the Church of San'Antonio abate in Sasso, region of Gargnano, in addition to enjoying a wonderful panoramic position, was built on a previous place of worship of Roman origin. The church is characterised internally by an single room structure accompanied by the presence of some side aisles, and the pace and dialogue that arises from the full and empty spaces is magnificent, including architectural and decorative elements that make the building one of the prettiest examples of the seventeenth-century architecture in Brescia. Also worth noting are in fact the giant pilasters with composite capitals sustaining the entablature that runs along the inside perimeter of the church, reaching the presbytery as well, in which the polychrome altar is placed too, above which a shrine in stone opens containing the statue of Sant'Antonio the abbot. Among the artworks kept here, The Last Supper stands out, a work by Celesti in which (not usually the case) the apostles are arranged completely in a circle, as the table is completely round, set up by the institution of the Eucharist, perhaps a symbol of the biblical event told. (credits Arianna Florioli)

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