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Churches at Gargnano

Situated in the locality of Bogliaco, village of Gargnano, the Church of San Pier d'Agrino astonishes the visitor just by its external structure. The ecclesiastical building that, in fact, has Roman origins but was rebuilt during the sixteenth century, has a salient façade characterised by the presence of rounded openings, protruding pilasters and a canopy porch, added in the sixteenth century, with internal cross vault and composed of stone columns on plinths. The portal is made of wood and adorned with stone inserts and a lunette set on top, whereas the presence of the crenellated bell tower is noticeable on the back of the building. The interior is divided into three naves and houses important artworks executed by Andrea Celesti, among which a painting dedicated to the Virgin and Child, the Archangel Raphael and Saints stands out for its distinctive traits, where the wide range of colours used is clear as well as the will to give the scene a breath of lyricism, accompanied by the desire to realistically characterise the different characters, also due to the particular movement that is given by the painter to the archangel. Also of interest is a wooden statue that depicts San Pier d'Agrino blessing which dates back to the fifteenth century, a worthy example of sacred sculpture in Brescia. (credits Arianna Florioli)

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