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Museums at Gardone Riviera

Located within the Vittoriale complex, where the house of d'Annunzio is also found, the War Museum focuses around the figure of the poet and his military experience. Many objects, memorabilia, photographs and documents trace the military events of which the poet was an active protagonist, helping the visitor as well to trace the historical periods that affected Italy in the early twentieth century. However, of particular importance are the events at which D'Annunzio tried his hand, from the Flight over Vienna to the Bakar mockery, from the undertaking of Bay of Kotor to the many flights of the Venezia Giulia up to the "Impresa di Fiume". Of considerable interest, in addition to the personal medal collection of the writer, there are flags, military uniforms, pennants and a plaque dedicated to him by the group of futurists aeropoets signed by Filippo Tommaso Marinetti and placed on a dual control Caproni aircraft. Since 2001 the museum was expanded to other rooms, one of which hosts the so-called Hall of Casts, which received on 2 March 1938 the body of Gabriele d'Annunzio. (credits Arianna Florioli)

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