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With wines, cheeses, oils and lake recipes, travelling on Garda is a real pleasure

Surrounded by mountains to the north and embraced by the rolling moraine hills to the south, Garda in Lombardy is a meeting point between the Alps and the Mediterranean. In the fish from the lake, and in the extra virgin olive oil, the wine and the citrus fruit we rediscover the flavours of the Mediterranean. In the mountain cheeses, in the cured meats, honey, truffles and in the wild game, we find the strong taste of the Alps. The trip through the flavours of Garda in Lombardy starts from the sunny shore. Bulwark of lake cuisine is of course the fish, the essence and synthesis of local cuisine, among which we mention the carpione, the most valued species of fish, sought after by gourmets and an exclusive symbol of this lake. Renowned throughout the world are Garda’s wines, already well known in the time of the ancient Romans: Virgil praises them in the Georgics, Claudianus and Catullus in their poems. Today, along the banks of the lake and in the hills inland, the vineyards are an integral part of the landscape. Among the variety of grapes grown on the rolling hills: Lugana doc, Valtènesi Doc, Valtenesi Chiaretto Doc and San Martino della Battaglia.
Another excellent product from the shore of Lake Garda is the Garda DOP (Protected Designation of Origin) Extra Virgin Oil, the result of a very special climate, passion and centuries-old traditions of artisan care and the strict controls that the DOP imposes. Among the distinctive flavours of the lake, the lemons cultivated in the ancient lemon houses should also be mentioned and the capers, collected by hand from early June to late October from the shrubs that grow on old stone walls exposed to the sun. Intense and authentic fragrances arise from inland and from the mountains: the mountain cheeses, from cow’s and goat’s milk, fresh and aged, which have their unmistakable aromatic characteristics of grass and fragrant flowers of the mountain pastures and the famous Grana Padano, the made in Italy product that the whole world envies, a hard cheese made from partially skimmed milk, divided into 3 ages: up to 16 months, over 16 months and RESERVE over 30 months. High quality and niche products that also come from the moraine hills such as saffron and the moraine salami (Designation of Local Origin) of Pozzolengo, a locally designated product.

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