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Sites of interest at Desenzano del Garda

Open during the weekend at the following times: Saturday and Sunday, from 11 May to 15 September

The Natural Monument of the Umida San Francesco area is a protected area of about 10 hectares in size in the Municipality of Desenzano d/G, established by the Lombardy Region by D.g.r. (Decree of the Regional Government). 1/10/2008 no. 8/8136 in order to protect an area of real natural value and landscape quality. Only a part of the Natural Monument is open to the public, the rest is not accessible in order to better preserve its natural integrity. The area open to visitors is set up for the use and promotion of environmental awareness. A classroom has been set up with informative posters and an observation cabin which can be reached by a wooden walkway. The sanctuary is managed by the Associazione Airone Rosso, appointed by the Municipality of Desenzano.9am – 12.30pm; 4pm – 7.30pm

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