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Sites of interest at Brescia

Designed in the Renaissance period and built towards the end of the fifteenth century, the square became important both for its location and for the presence of the Loggia, the city administration headquarters. Around the square, there are sixteenth-century Venetian-style buildings, while in front of the Loggia there are the arcades with the "torre dell'Orologio" (clock tower) of particular artistic value, which has an ancient astronomical clock from 1546. At the top, there are two male statues, which mark the hours by beating a hammer. In the southern side of the square, there is the Monte di PietĂ , whose main facade is adorned with many inscriptions from Roman times. The buildings are united in their central part by a small Venetian Loggia, decorated at the top by a small loggia with seven arches and a balcony. The north-eastern development of the square is home to the monument to Bella Italia (beautiful Italy).

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