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Its construction was begun in 1492 and continued until 1570, with the supervision of a number of architects, such as Palladio and Sansovino. Palazzo Loggia has a large portico with vaulted ceilings, accessed on three sides; enhancing the building is the rich decoration of the façade in marble, the work of the Comacine Masters. The building, the head office of the municipal institutions, is accessed through a portal. The upper block was completed in the sixteenth century. It has three large windows, alternating with pieces of marble decorated in mannerist style. The cover to the hull of the ship dates back to 1914, when it was rebuilt in imitation of the original, which was destroyed by a fire. A nineteenth-century neo-Renaissance staircase leads upstairs, for the most part occupied by the "vanvitelliano hall", named after the architect who was responsible for the design (1773): Luigi Vanvitelli.

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