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Trekking at Brescia

Viale Cassala, 20,
25126 Brescia

Telefono: + 39 338 9013003


MilleMonti is a close-knit group of nature, mountain and travel enthusiasts who, together with Medium Mountain Guides and Alpine Guides, go to the discovery of the people and the most beautiful places in the world, from those behind the house to the most remote of the Earth. MilleMonti offers experiences to discover nature with green activities such as hiking, snowshoeing, mountain biking, cycling, Nordic walking, food and wine tours and much more. The activities proposed enhance your experience as MilleMonti is attentive to sustainable mobility, to discover unusual places and typical products, even with visits to producers. These discoveries are best experienced in small groups with a slow pace. The proposals include both day trips and multi-day treks even with luggage transport and accommodation in environment-friendly facilities but you can customize the holiday according to your needs, creating a tailor-made proposal for individuals, families or groups throughout the year! You can appreciate this experience with MilleMonti for many reasons: Excursions and activities in small groups; adequate pace and pace: we are a group, not the competitors !; different proposals to satisfy the most varied tastes: from the sea to the mountains, from day trips to the mountains behind the house for several days trekking in Italy and abroad, from the historical-cultural itinerary to the naturalistic or enogastronomic itinerary, from the experience in a wood to the panoramic summit. The required commitment is designed for walkers of all levels, in fact the proposals are available to everyone.

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