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Museums at Brescia

In one of the oldest parts of the Castle, the Mastio Visconteo (Visconti Keep), is the "Luigi Marzoli" Arms Museum, built by Carlo Scarpa to house one of the richest European collections of armour and ancient weapons. The knives, guns and armour demonstrate the Brescia tradition of weapon-making production and reconstruct the history that is both military and artistic with objects of armoury from the XV-XVIII centuries. For lovers of ancient art and architecture, a visit to the Arms Museum lets you enjoy parts of frescoes dating from the Viscontean period which decorate the halls of the Keep. To create an environment full of atmosphere, there is also the co-existence of a Roman temple from the first century A.D., from which is visible the perimeter of the foundation and a large staircase, a legacy of several temples that stood on the Cidnean Hill, a prestigious Acropolis in the Roman era.

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