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Churches at Brescia

Great example of Gothic architecture in Brescia, the church was built between the years of 1429-1475 next to the convent of the Carmelites. Inside there are numerous works of art, including the "Crucifixion" fresco by Vincenzo Foppa; the 'Annunciation" by Pietro de Witte; the "Lamentation for Christ Dead", ten life-size statues in polychrome terracotta, and seventy-five wooden stalls arranged along the wall of the apse. Exiting from the back of the nave, you can access a courtyard that leads into a chapel with interesting frescoes from the around 1510 by Ferramola and Civerchio. Next to the church, in vicolo dell'Anguilla, there are three cloisters of the former Carmelite convent: The small, fifteenth century cloister , with round arches; the main cloister with a fountain in the middle from the sixteenth century; the south side opens up to the southern cloister of 1521, renovated in the eighteenth century.

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