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Castles at Brescia

Brescia Castle stands on the Cidneo hill and is called the "Falcon of Italy" for its position high over the city. It extends for 75,000 square metres enclosed within the city walls. The old Viscontea and Venetian fortress dominates the city and its structures bear witness to the evolution of defensive military techniques that have rendered it an impenetrable fortress over time. Not only is it possible to visit all the mighty fortifications of the fortress and its secret passages, but also you can also walk in the vast green areas which appear within the walls or along the internal paths. The Mastio visconteo (fortified tower) houses the "Luigi Marzoli" Arms Museum, one of the largest in Europe for its collections of arms and armour from the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries. In the Grande Miglio, the Museum of the Risorgimento is housed, which exhibits many important documents, paintings, period prints and historical relics of the period.

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