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For a well-deserved rest, thermal baths and walks in nature

The lake of Garda-Lombardy establishes itself as the ideal destination even for those wishing to enjoy a holiday rich in relax and wellness. Thousands of properties located between Limone and Sirmione offer modern and highly specialized wellness centres that look out over the Garda Lake capable of meeting all needs: pools, whirlpool tubs, lake-view bubbly sunbeds, aromo-chromatic showers, fitness centres, specialized medical practices…everything for relaxing your body and mind.

. A feature that makes this area unique is the precious Thermal spa water that flows in the Garda peninsula loved by Catullus and the essence of thermal spa’s power is the sulphurous water, containing sodium chloride, bromine and iodine. The water comes from the Monte Baldo reservoir at 800 metres high, descends to more than 2,100 m below sea level, where it acquires minerals and heats up to 69°, making a journey for 20 years, before flowing from the Boiola spring. The special quality of the water, the science, the technological and cutting-edge tools and the professionalism of the staff, the thermal spa hotels of Sirmione offer their guests a wide range of spa treatments, differing depending on the condition and age.

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